Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Goodbye Blog: the end of an era

The clock is ticking. My return is imminent, as is the end of my blog. I am a believer in anticlimactic endings, as is evident.

This is a blog dedicated to goodbyes.

Goodbye Spain.(You will be remembered for your off-putting cuisine.)

Goodbye public transportation.

Goodbye weekend getaways to foreign countries.

Goodbye European cars.

Goodbye Gothic markets outside churches.

Goodbye me having people take pictures of me.

Goodbye Ethiopian food in Amsterdam.

And stealing the bread in order to not offend the cook.


Friday, July 31, 2009

Italy, Take 3

I am back in Barcelona after spending 9 days in what will go down as one of my greatest European adventures to date. I risked procuring heatstroke in order to visit James one last time before my anticipated return to real life in California. My friends Natasha, Matt, and Brian decided to jump on the bandwagon and found themselves in Bologna where we frolicked just like old times in Santa Cruz.

James is soon to be gone with the wind(aka, living (il)legally in Lisbon).

Among other things, I ate some pasta.

Natasha arrived after 20 hours on a plane only to be accosted by a drunk, sleep deprived crazy man who claimed to have walked without sleep for 4 days straight.

Animal Collective/TV on the Radio happened to be playing in the courtyard of a castle. Natasha and Nicolo.

We went on a trip to a local Italian water hole.

James opened a bottle of wine on a tree.

We then feasted on wine, grapes and cheese and in our nonchalant, jovial mood decided to embark on a 2 day road trip through the Tuscan countryside. Yes, those are Marc Jacob sunglasses that James is wearing...(found on bus). We concluded that they brought out the douchiness in James, and took a photo of him and Natasha to send to the critically aclaimed "Hot Chicks with Douchebags" website.

The owner of our ride, Matilde.

We found ourselves in Siena and our spirits were dampened after finding that Burt would not be playing during our stay.

On the coast.

We stopped at an osteria in a secluded Tuscan village.

Where we dined on wild boar among other things.

Then Natasha and I had a romantic getaway to Venice where we enjoyed champagne in the main plaza.
Biennale Art festival.

The best site in town.

Nicolo then invited all 5 Americans to stay at his parent's house in the lake district of Italy where we were fed copious amounts of food and wine.

We played on some rocks.

I showed off my rockclimbing skills.

Voldemort reborn a Catholic.

The downside of traveling with 6 boys is you have to constantly deal with scenes such as this.

Abondoned hippy village in the hills.

It all ended at an amazing villa where we partook in an italian bro fest.

California in t minus 13 days...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Greece(y) hair

About 8 days ago, my sister Cheyne arrived to spend a short vacation with me during which we spent a week in Greece. To keep with the theme of Greece/Grease, I decided to try out this new thing called not washing my hair for a week and let the Mediterranean act as a natural shampoo/conditioner. The results were as follows.

We first spent a few days in Barcelona in which we partook in all the typical tourist trap ceremonies.

I informed Cheyne prior to her arrival that it would not be neccesary to bring anything warm, and upon her arrival, the weather took a turn for the worse and decided to downpour for her first two days in the city.

Metro ride pt. 1

Trying to get back to nature at my favorite metro station in Barcelona.

A day at Sitges. First Speedo shot of my blog but definitely not the last.

I was a perfect fit for our room in Mykonos.
View from our room.
I always thought I was too tall/white/awkward to pull off a tank top. But I decided to go for it anyways.
I got lost in the maze of Mykonos, but at least I looked good while doing it.

There were copious amounts of adorable disease ridden cats on the island of Mykonos, and this one hiding in the wall takes the cake.
On our first day, we went to Paradise beach, which was breathtaking. Then the following day, we opted for Super Paradise beach which proved to be as original as it was true.

Lounging under the canopy, hiding from the sun.

Of course what would my blog be without a number of culinary delights.

Greek salad, and my personal favorite, spinach pies.

Mixed plate of Greek goodies including fried cheese.

Eggplant dip and Rocket salad.

We then went for a romantic getaway in Santorini, where we were constantly mistaken for a couple.

Francos in Faro.

Complete with Champagne.

We decided to play the part for awhile. (Hair, after 7 day Mediterranean treatment)

Our last sunset in Greece complete with a romantic dinner with my sugar mama.

Next up, Italy.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Berliner Blog

Forget Paris, I'm moving to Berlin.


Sonya and I making great partners in crime when it comes to eating out way through Berlin.

Gooey fried honey balls

Organic curry-wurst and fries

Cupcake shop

Bratwurst and fur. sustainable use of animals??

Flea market/adjacent park


I want to live with a llama outside my window



Drinking wine on the U-bahn... legally

Overpriced dessert from famous chocolate restaraunt

Bikes and vines

This stairwell


This "guy"

Berliner dome

As is evident, the highlights of Berlin greatly outweigh the lowlights.

Local Berlin band. the band name sums up my life in 3 words

Whitest Boy Alive